Cocktails for boat parties & people who like boat parties

Jay Jackson: Serial Chips & Salsa Eater. Tribal Doctor. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Fanboy. Prescription Filler.

The pre-eminent cocktail artist of Hillsborough, NC is also a native North Carolinian. He owes his decade-long career as a barman to his guests-first mentality and his way with a barspoon. Like his bar mentor Dean James, he’s in this game as a professional calling, and for him it all started back when he was a doorman at a local-area Irish pub. He quickly found himself behind the stick, and from there the world seemed to make a little more sense. In an effort to perfect technique, showmanship, and his neighborly hospitality, he graced several area bars to hone his craft. Once he joined the crew of LaPlace Louisiana Cookery as one of their opening bartenders, Hillsborough started to realize they all had the same person to blame for their swift next-day hangovers. But that only seemed to heighten the anticipation for the next trip down Classic Cocktail Boulevard, and Jay’s followers grew probably at least as fast as Drake’s, if not also Justin Bieber’s.

Today he helms the party boat known as James Pharmacy, perfectly stirring Manhattans and crafting mouth-puckering Lemonades, all with perfectly-groomed hair borrowed from the playbook of Chris Isaak. Make the trip to come see him, it’ll be a night you’ll soon forget but in a good way!

Dean James