to entertain a guest is to be answerable for his happiness so long as he is beneath your roof — Brillat-Savarin, 1825

Welcome to James Pharmacy!!

If pharmacists are professionally-trained experts who perform various roles to ensure optimal outcomes for their patients, well, then that’s us too! Except our version starts with delicious food, tasty drinks & neighborly hospitality.

The idea of a pharmacy dates all the way back to 400 BC, where the pursuit of science and better understanding, as well as a sense of duty to the local community, fell to the local medicine men and women who still carry on those traditions today. Like those original pharmacists, we too have a hunger for knowledge and desire better ways to perform our craft.

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Hillsborough, in the former town pharmacy that dates back to the early 1900’s, our main purpose here at JP is to show off the simplistic perfection of the sea. We love fish, and we love how much of it can come out of our own NC waters. To us, that’s worth celebrating. Our other longtime ventures in Hillsborough have taught us the importance of community, and we have a true passion for our amazing small town. To live and work in an area like Hillsborough—surrounded by so many artisans, farmers, tradespeople & artists, as well as a growing and supportive community that feels truly special to be a part of—makes us feel very lucky indeed. That too is worth celebrating, and we take as much inspiration from the land around us as we do from the sea.

We hope you’ll appreciate our fresh approach to coastal cuisine-- see you around the ‘hood!

The JP gang

Matt Fox owner and ceo.

Dean James f&b director and coo.

Ben Braxton executive chef.

Kimberly Mayer pastry chef.

Jay Jackson lead barman.

Together we’ve combined our decades of hospitality experience and expertise to create James Pharmacy, Hillsborough’s newest dining experience and seafood dance party. Our love of coastal cuisine from NC and around the world have led us to create a slice of that sandy beach vibe here in the heart of Orange County— complete with that stuffed fish on the wall that your grandfather used to have, lots of pictures of boats, sweet sweet yacht rock on the stereo, and the kind of outdoor patio that’ll make you say ‘hey sailor!’ to random passerby. Come join the fun!