James Pharmacy

a seafood joint in hillsborough.

Fresh Fishes, Killer Dishes, Pretty Drinks & High Jinks.



Picture your very favorite beach trips or summer vacations. Did they involve colorful cocktails, carefree attitudes and freshly-caught fish?

That’s us!!

Eat more fish.

Coastal Cuisine is less a set of specific dishes and more of an approach to food. Allowing quality and freshness to shine brightly, finding beauty in simplicity, and celebrating the diversity of our rivers and oceans 


It’s our goal to showcase the sea in a fun, casual atmosphere. Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Hillsborough in the town’s former pharmacy, we’re out here each day taking care of our growing neighborhood of locals and everyone else who finds their way to our magical little town. We’re a Neighborhood Seafood Joint— here when you need us with a cold beverage or a dozen perfectly-chilled oysters, always with a twinkle in our eye and a mischievous grin.

We’re lucky to be located in NC! Where fresh seafood is abundant, oyster aquaculture is vibrant, local agriculture is bountiful, and Southern traditions surround us. We utilize all of those tools here each and every day.

Like the great swashbuckler Errol Flynn, we’ve been truly inspired by our love of the big blue sea— the allure of being out on the open water, and the world of life below the surface. And we’re betting you’ll agree there’s not many things better than putting one’s feet into the sand with a drink in hand, and not a care in the world…

Here at JP we dole out prescriptions in the form of our raw bar menu, calabash-style fish platters, fresh fish tacos & hand rolls, exciting cocktails with tropical vibes, a tricked-out sour beer program, and a sunny patio to catch some rays on. All with a bright ambiance and some Southern hospitality, like if Hank Williams had a fish fry with the dudes from Miami Vice.

We think you’ll appreciate our fresh approach to coastal cuisine— see you around the ‘hood!



The crew




This guy’s been working in kitchens nearly his whole life, starting professionally at age 12! From there he’s spent time in both respectable and non-respectable joints from Durham all the way to Mississippi (where he worked under Chef John Currence). Upon returning home to Hillsborough he joined the Churton Street Squad, first at LaPlace Louisiana Cookery under Chef Matt Fox, and now steering the pirate ship at James Pharmacy. Ben also has a very distinguished beard, and many leather-bound books.



As our tribe’s main prescriber of fine spirituous beverages, and resident Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman fanboy, this dude’s got the whole package. A native North Carolinian, he owes his decade-plus career to his efforts at technique, showmanship, and most of all hospitality. With his bar mentor Dean James he roamed the wood at LaPlace Louisiana Cookery for nearly 5 years, but now at James Pharmacy he’s the chief buccaneer— perfectly stirring Manhattans while hoisting the mainsail, all with imaginary wind blowing through his perfectly-groomed hair. 



The longtime sugar wizard of Churton Street, Kim’s pastry creations have graced the menus of Wooden Nickel Pub, Bona Fide Sandwich Co., and LaPlace Louisiana Cookery. She probably even made your birthday cake last year! Now she’s got the galley on the good ship James Pharmacy chockfull of sweet treats, ensuring your Adventures in Seafood Land conclude in appropriately decadent waters. She learned her trade under the tutelage of the o.g. New Jersey pirate, Grandma Millie, way back in the day, who passed many hidden treasures onto Kim!